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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Fils \Fils\, n. [F., fr. L. filius. See Filial.] Son; -- sometimes used after a French proper name to distinguish a son from his father, as, Alexandre Dumas, fils.


a. (non-gloss definition: Used after a proper name that is common to a father and his son to indicate that the son is being referred to rather than the father.) n. (context rare English) The son referred to in the manner of the adjective above.

  1. n. 100 Yemeni fils are worth one Yemeni rial [syn: Yemeni fils]

  2. a fractional monetary unit in Bahrain and Iraq and Jordan and Kuwait; equal to one thousandth of a dinar

Fils (currency)

The fils ( Arabic alphabet: فلس) is a subdivision of currency used in many Arab countries, such as Iraq and Bahrain; the term is a modern retranscription of fals, an early medieval Arab coin. "Fils" is the singular form in Arabic, not plural (as its final consonant might indicate to an English speaker). The plural form of fils is fulūs (فلوس); this latter term is also used to refer to small amount of money or money in general in many varieties of Arabic, particularly Egyptian

  • 1 Bahraini dinar = 1000 fulūs (or 1 filis = 1/1000 Bahraini dinars)
  • 1 Emirati dirham = 100 fulus
  • 1 Iraqi dinar = 1000 fulūs
  • 1 Jordanian dinar = 1000 fulūs
  • 1 Kuwaiti dinar = 1000 fulūs
  • 1 Yemeni rial = 100 fulūs

Category:Denominations (currency)

Fils (river)

The Fils is a 63 km long river in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, a right tributary of the Neckar.

Its source is in the Swabian Alb hills near Wiesensteig. It flows through Geislingen (Steige) and Göppingen to join the Neckar in Plochingen, east of Stuttgart. Due to the contribution of the Fils, the Neckar is navigable from there.

Category:Rivers of Baden-Württemberg


Fils or FILS may refer to:

  • Fils (currency), a subdivision of currency used in many Arab countries
  • Fils (river), in Germany
  • Anton Fils (1733–1760), German composer
  • Firestone Indy Lights Series, a developmental automobile racing series

Usage examples of "fils".

Apres la liasse de la mere, il passa a celle du fils, beaucoup plus volumineuse.

Jacques, son fils, septieme du nom, et deuxieme en Angleterre, fut chasse de ses trois royaumes.

Jacques II, son fils, fut tue a vingt-neuf ans en combattant centre les Anglois.

Affiliations, sometimes purported, between the Root Cult core of Les Assassins on one hand and the more extreme and violently subversive of Quebec's Séparatisteur organizations the Fronte de la Liberation de la Quebec, the Fils de Montcalm, the ultra right anti-Reconfigurative vishnu of the Bloc Quebecois tend, however, to be contradicted by both stated agendas the conventional Separatist phalances demand ing only the independent secession of provincial Quebec and the elimination of Anglo- American cognates from public discourse, while the A.

The theoretics of the contest lends itself to an appreciation of the patient, attritive, grinding down tactics of traditional Quebecois Séparatisteurs such as Les Fils de Montcalm and the Fronte de la Liberation du Quebec, as opposed to the viciousness and brinksmanship of "Le Prochain Train"'s Root Cult's disabled heirs.

Not real copacetic, no, the jeune fils had far more ideas than substance left, but clothes and covers went one way and the other, boots mumped out from under the sheets, and a bunk that wasn't designed for two meant real caution about putting an elbow into his sore spots.

To drink I had got Sam to buy me two bottles of Bordeaux and two bottles of Sancerre from D'agneau et Fils in the Place Gambetta, Calais.