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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Filiate \Fil"i*ate\, v. t. To adopt as son or daughter; to establish filiation between. [R.]


vb. 1 To adopt as son or daughter. 2 To establish filiation between.


v. fix the paternity of; "The court filiated the child born out of wedlock"

Usage examples of "filiate".

I have often wished we could have a Philosophical society or academy so organized as that while the central academy should be at the seat of government, it's members dispersed over the states, should constitute filiated academies in each state, publish their communications, from which the central academy should select unpublished what should be most choice.

In this way all the members wheresoever dispersed might be brought into action, and an useful emulation might arise between the filiated societies.

On these the filiated societies model their opinions, their conduct, their passions and attachments.

Out of it there gushed a sickening torrent of human blood, mingled with dark, filiated masses that may have been half-dissolved hair, and floating gelatinous lumps like molten bone, and shreds of a curdy white substance.