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The Collaborative International Dictionary

File \File\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Filed; p. pr. & vb. n. Filing.]

  1. To set in order; to arrange, or lay away, esp. as papers in a methodical manner for preservation and reverence; to place on file; to insert in its proper place in an arranged body of papers.

    I would have my several courses and my dishes well filed.
    --Beau. & Fl.

  2. To bring before a court or legislative body by presenting proper papers in a regular way; as, to file a petition or bill.

  3. (Law) To put upon the files or among the records of a court; to note on (a paper) the fact date of its reception in court.

    To file a paper, on the part of a party, is to place it in the official custody of the clerk. To file, on the part of the clerk, is to indorse upon the paper the date of its reception, and retain it in his office, subject to inspection by whomsoever it may concern.


vb. (en-past of: file)

Usage examples of "filed".

As everyone filed out of the bay, more of the ratings took unobtrusive positions of escort behind the other Hrrubans.

Several of the other Gringg filed in around them, surrounding the table like an impromptu forest.

I didn't know about the cruiser when I filed a mutiny charge with Captain Godheir.

She instinctively sheered away from personal discussions, but she filed the comment away for further meditation.

Parollan would be unbearably righteous no matter when she filed intent to change brawns.

Other men and women, dressed in conservative suits and the subdued hues of management, filed in and took the remaining places around the table.

That was why she was here now, with proxy papers in order and properly filed with all the appropriate authorities.

Pol t'Veng filed it with the other voices filling her helmet, squeezing at them with the force of her will until they began to assume some pattern.

It had been filed by Channa Hap and Simeon, the Brain and Brawn of the SSS-900-C on behalf of their adopted daughter, Joat Simeon-Hap.

A new application as apprentice, non-singer, had been filed in Washington, D.

He had no sooner gone than all the other doors of the en trance hall swung open and a number of large men filed in with military precision.

A squad of Station police in white dress tunics filed out of the rear door and began moving the invited guests toward the far end.

The restaurant actually filed the complaint and appeared as plaintiff.

Under the screens were cabinets of a type in which crystals storing huge quantities of data were carefully filed along with additional compact devices that he did not recognize but took for astronomical data-recorders.

Just then a group of uniformed men and women emerged and quickly the crewman gestured for Afra to make himself scarce as he stood to attention, saluting those who filed out of the ship.