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The Filangieri ( Old NormanFitz Anger, LatinFilii Angerii meaning "sons of Angerio") were an Italo-Norman noble family with origins (c.1100) near Nocera in the Kingdom of Sicily, but they rose to prominence at Naples. Famous members include:

  • Giordano Filangieri I
  • Riccardo Filangieri I
  • Giordano Filangieri II
  • Lotterio Filangieri I
  • Enrico Filangieri I
  • Marino Filangieri
  • Lotterio Filangieri II
  • Enrico Filangieri II
  • Aldoino Filangieri
  • Riccardo Filangieri di Candida
  • Guido Filangieri
  • Giordano Filangieri III
  • Gaetano Filangieri
  • Carlo Filangieri