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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Figwort \Fig"wort`\, n. (Bot.) A genus of herbaceous plants ( Scrophularia), mostly found in the north temperate zones. See Brownwort.


n. 1 Any of various woodland herbs and shrubs of the genus ''Scrophularia''. 2 (cx archaic English) ''Ficaria verna'', formerly ''Ranunculus ficaria''.


n. any of numerous tall coarse woodland plants of the genus Scrophularia

Usage examples of "figwort".

She shrank from the little jungle of rank plants before her, evil-smelling figwort and hemlock.

Farther on, both banks were tree-lined, and, as well as the spears of the yellow iris, by this time long past flowering, knotted figwort was growing beside the water.

Country children, and indeed older folk, call the foliage of the knotted figwort cutfinger leaves, as they are believed to assist the cure of a cut or sore.

In old times the Water figwort was famous as a vulnerary, both when used externally, and when taken in decoction.

And the Figwort is so named in allusion to its curative virtues against piles, when the plant is made into an ointment for outward use, and when the tincture is taken internally.

The Water Figwort may be readily known by the winged corners of its stems, which, though hollow and succulent, are rigid when dead, and prove very troublesome to anglers.

Along its further side the riparian plants grew thickly, so that it was separated from the river by a kind of hedge of purple loosestrife, great willow herb, fleabane, figwort and hemp agrimony, here and there already in bloom.

The Water Figwort has obtained the name of Water Betony from a certain resemblance of its leaves to those of the Wood Betony, but it differs entirely from that plant in every other respect, not being even closely related to it, and nowadays is more generally called the Water Figwort, the name Figwort being derived from the form of the root in another member of the genus Scrophularia, the Knotted Figwort (S.

Among its British representatives it embraces members so diverse as the Foxglove and Speedwell, the Mullein and Figworts, the Toadflax and the semi-parasites, Eyebright, Bartsia, Cowwheat, and the Red and Yellow Rattles.