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n. (plural of fight English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: fight)

Usage examples of "fights".

They had moved forward at the first light, expected to rush into the blazing hell of the same fights they had rushed into before, but the enemy gave way quickly, without much resistance.

What follows in the East is a clear pattern, a series of great and bloody fights in which the South prevails and the North is beaten back.

Many of the fights are won by Lee, or by his generals-the Shenandoah Valley, Second Manassas.

Many of the fights are simply lost by the blunders of Federal commanders, the most horrifying example at Fredericksburg.

Serving first under Henry Halleck, he eventually commands troops through fights on the Mississippi River at Forts Henry and Donelson, each fight growing in importance as the war spreads.

On the Tennessee River at a place called Shiloh, facing a powerful enemy under the command of Albert Sidney Johnston, Grant wins one of the bloodiest fights of the war, in which Johnston himself is killed.

He had tried to understand it, to sort it out, but it was too soon, and he knew the sharp memories would come back in time, and the images would be fresh and painful as so many of the memories he carried from the fights long before.

There was the great feud with Longstreet, a dispute begun by a newspaper report in Richmond, giving Hill more credit than Longstreet felt he deserved for the good fights on the Virginia peninsula, the Seven Days battles.

But it would not be long, it had never been long enough, and the roads would dry, the sun would warm them enough to move again, and there would be new fights, and new ground to cover, and places they had never heard of, villages and crossroads and small quiet rivers that would become the new horrible names they would always remember.

Along the road he could see wagons moving in both directions, some filled with wounded men from the fights exploding along the front lines, the uncoordinated bursts of activity.

But Grant wanted all the strength he could bring to the fight, and these men would replace many of those who were lost, the vast numbers of casualties from the vicious fights of May.

The fights today had gained little, but the casualties had not been as bad as this kind of jumbled attack could have produced.

EVEN WRITTEN THAT TO Fannie, a long and tearful letter, words that came from some very desperate place, the part that fights for just a bit more time, enough time to say the right words.

And it was not once, but three times, three bloody fights, Hood slamming his men into the strength of the Federal forces, until finally there was nothing left to hold Sherman back.

Grant thought of Mexico, of the bloody fights against an enemy no one thought would be so strong.