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vb. (eye dialect of fighting English)

Usage examples of "fightin'".

Like any girl, I'd done a sight of dreamin', but not about the boys along Fightin' Creek or the Middle Prong.

When fightin' men were needed, there was always a Sackett to be found.

He hunted over the country and he was always fightin' other Indians just for the right to hunt there.

He'll deal with a fightin' man, but a man who can't protect hisself, well, most Injuns have no respect for him, so they just kill him an' forget him.

All right, you settle your affairs, and when fightin' time comes around, I'll be there.

I can handle any kind of a fightin' weapon as good or better than most, and I'm rawhide tough and bull-strong, but when it comes to connivin' I ain't up to it.

Supposin' I was here, figured I still had a fightin' chance, but knew I might have to slip out and travel light, just like I was going to do when darkness came?

Pa, who had learned his fightin' from boyhood and seasoned himself around trappers' rendezvous, taught us enough to get started.

Just because a man can shoot, it doesn't turn him into a fightin' man.

Knowed your folks, every durn last one of them, and a sorry lot they were, good for nothing but fightin' an' makin' moonshine whiskey.

Well, when we was a fightin' this atternoon, all of a sudden he begin t' rip up an' cuss an' beller at me.

I s'pose yeh don't approve 'a fightin' since Charley Morgan licked yeh.

They'd been scattered all over, wanderin' around in th' woods, fightin' with other reg'ments, an' everything.

There's no fun in fightin' fer people when everything yeh do--no matter what--ain't done right.

As I was sayin'… we're goin' to be fightin' the Yankees and their Alliance fo' a long time.