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a. (context chiefly lexicography English) (abbreviation of figurative English) n. (abbreviation of figure English)

Usage examples of "fig.".

Therefore Fig. 15 represents fairly well the movements of the cotyledons alone, with the exception of the one great afternoon curvature to the left.

The movement of the same hypocotyl after it had become straight and vertical, but with the cotyledons only partially expanded, is shown in Fig. 29.

It changed its course several times, as shown in Fig. 54, whilst observed during 13 h.

This fact was clearly shown by burying some of the thin flat seeds in the same position as in Fig. 62, excepting that they were not laid on their flat broad sides, but with one edge downwards.

A filament was fixed to the midrib of one of the longer leaflets, and the movement of the whole leaf was traced, as shown in Fig. 103.

In Fig. 174 we see the course pursued under these circumstances by a rather old and not very sensitive cotyledon, 1.

On the following day it stood upright, and circumnutated regularly, as shown in Fig. 82, given in the fourth chapter.

The shape and general appearance of a leaf is shown, as seen from above, in fig. 1, and as seen laterally, in fig.

The valve slopes into the cavity of the bladder, or upwards in fig. 18.

It is attached on all sides to the bladder, excepting by its posterior margin, or the lower one in fig. 19, which is free, and forms one side of the slitlike orifice leading into the bladder.

At end of Appendix I List of Maps and Charts Fig. Page Chart of the Immediate Surroundings of the South Pole to face 120 Chart of the Ross Sea ,, 344 Chart of the Bay of Whales ,, 350 1.

In both parts of this section there are, as shown in Fig. 3, two great volumes of water, from the surface down to depths greater than 500 metres, which have salinities between 35.

We can note the difference in Fig. 13, which shows the distribution of temperature at the two stations.

To make the point, Aaron Neuberger and others were nibbling on figs from several dishes spread around.