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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ At the end of the second year, students complete a 4 - 6 week fieldwork placement.
▪ Few people have been allowed to do any extensive fieldwork.
▪ Most fieldwork is simply episodic, made by an outsider moving in for a period to assess observed social behaviour.
▪ Our fieldwork revealed a number of emerging possibilities, practices and issues in respect of each of these.
▪ She was a fine woman, unspoilt by childbirth, her body hardened by fieldwork.
▪ The study of entire landscapes by regional survey is now a major part of archaeological fieldwork.
▪ We hope to finalize the fieldwork by the end of 1992 and to round up research by the middle of 1993.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Fieldwork \Field"work`\, n. (Mil.) Any temporary fortification thrown up by an army in the field; -- commonly in the plural.

All works which do not come under the head of permanent fortification are called fieldworks.


n. 1 (context uncountable English) work done, or observations made out in the real world rather than in controlled conditions 2 (context countable English) A temporary fortification built by troops


n. a temporary fortification built by troops in the field

Fieldwork (novel)

Fieldwork is a 2007 novel by American journalist Mischa Berlinski. It was published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux and was a finalist that year for the National Book Award, eventually losing out to Denis Johnson's Tree of Smoke.

Fieldwork (disambiguation)

Field work or Fieldwork may refer to:

  • Field work (scientific method)
  • Field fortifications

Usage examples of "fieldwork".

He stared into what appeared to be a plushly appointed office with a work surface of polished onyx, a chair of soft leather and a high-speed miniaturized analyzer for fieldwork.

Her published dissertation on the family Bromeliaceae was backed up by years of fieldwork and countless hard-won miles trekking through the tropical forests of South America, and like all the naturalists who had gone before her, every mile had yielded a story of hardship and close calls.

Leidy did not possess Copes financial resources for fieldwork and therefore perhaps did not represent the same threat to Marsh that Cope did.

Did I tell you that I made it a point to do a little fieldwork among the Ismaili passengers after that little discussion of ours?

It is for use in fieldwork with extreme biohazards that are believed to be airborne.

The tall, lanky black agent’s digs in the federal building were filled with books of literature and esoteric philosophy, as well as coatracks of the various clothes he’d wear while working undercover, though he didn’t do much fieldwork anymore.

It was a pursuit taken seriously, and they tended to dress with appropriate gravity, in top hats and dark suits, except for the Reverend William Buckland of Oxford, whose habit it was to do his fieldwork in an academic gown.

I was afraid the stiffness and formality of your character would carry over into your fieldwork.

For the last 33 years my fieldwork as an evolutionary biologist has brought me into close contact with a wide range of human societies.

The officer had plucked off his hat and was waving it frantically toward the Creek fieldworks, using only one hand to guide the horse.

Still, better that than to try to scale those fieldworks exhausted and out of breath.

Better still, the canal itself could easily and quickly be turned into a moat, with solid fieldworks behind it.

With Jackson and his men busier than bees—oh, yes, I saw them myself—erecting solid fieldworks to block the way at the Rodriguez Canal.

That done, it would be just as easy to turn Marigny's Canal into the same sort of fieldworks that he'd contructed on the Rodriguez Canal, with the added advantage of having Fort St.

The fieldworks at the canal covered little more than half a mile of front, and by now Jackson had thousands of soldiers available.