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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Fieldpiece \Field"piece`\, n. A cannon mounted on wheels, for the use of a marching army; a piece of field artillery; -- called also field gun.


n. A mobile artillery piece, i.e. gun or howitzer, for use in the field.

Usage examples of "fieldpiece".

His second fieldpiece soon-added its fire to the holocaust below, then the third.

The big fieldpiece could no longer bear on the approach ramp to the bridge.

He grinned as the fieldpiece roared between two pylons and the cable disappeared once more into the ground.

The landscape abruptly skidded to the left and the fieldpiece tipped precipitously, then righted, Barbousse swearing under his breath.

Then, with a tearing, shrieking crash, the fieldpiece burst wildly over the guard shack, throwing a torrent of flying debris in all directions.

Brim nodded to Barbousse, the traction system roared, and the fieldpiece lumbered ahead.

The big fieldpiece careened wildly to port as Barbousse skidded out onto the apron, then again to starboard as they raced along the periphery of the pit.

Brim watched the dazed Leaguers freeze in place and warily turn toward his fieldpiece, waiting.

An instant, after he cleared the hull, the traction engine roared and the fieldpiece lumbered off after the others toward the protection of the low hills that formed the lower boundary of the city.

They artfully caused an old brass fieldpiece to be left on a wharf near the scene of our late operations.

And the thrice-xaxtdamned fieldpiece that fell to his own lot to drive was canted at a perfectly sickening angle to the horizon.

Presently, they came upon the banks of a broad canal and I took up a new heading atop a moss-covered seawall whose age-blackened stones looked easily twice the size of the mobile fieldpiece in which they rode.

As Fletch put the De Soto in gear, he tried not to think about what would happen if a Jap fieldpiece hit the car.

After leaving her this morning, he had checked on his gun crew one last time and had made sure that his fieldpiece was ready for action, that the kegs of gunpowder were of the proper mixture, that there was plenty of coal and wood to fuel the portable stove.

Soon all seven of the captured fieldpieces were firing rapidly and wildly-as often as their disruptors could recover.