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field trips

n. (field trip English)

Usage examples of "field trips".

Or more prosaically, a ride outside to help the geologists in field trips to the vast hazy rim of Valles Marineris or the lava caves of Tharsis.

He works hard, often going out on field trips, for three or four days of rough driving, bad food, primitive living, and dysentery.

Glenna thought it would be useful for her to have a profession, and she told me Norma would probably end up in the world of academe, taking students on geology field trips.

When I first went to work for him, both he and Mr Davis made field trips.

Lark knew that tone from past field trips, exploring for evidence of Jijo's complex living past.

Classes, field trips, research, friends, any bloody thing that occurs to you.

He gets a promotion then, and he'll be based on Mimir and not have to stay out a year at a time on field trips, like he does now.