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Hadriax el Fex has broken with Mornhavon, wants to see the atrocities ended.

At its center, Lil Ambrioth and the man who had masqueraded as Hadriax el Fex still strove against each other, but much of their combat was lost to sight behind others.

One of the guards raised his sword and pricked el Fex in the arm, and burst out laughing.

The first guard, having gained control of his horse, came up behind el Fex and shouted orders at him.

El Fex ran, but did not get far before he was run down by the mounted guards.

She watched as the First Rider assisted Hadriax el Fex onto her horse before her, and kicked her steed toward Watch Hill.

Ha-driax el Fex sat nearby, all alone, his wrists still bound behind his back by a tendril of wild magic.

As Andri was laid beside his brothers and sisters on the burgeoning pyre, she thought Hadriax el Fex had better be worth it.

There is little in these war-torn lands that entice me, and no matter the offerings of the king, I am stiff to be reviled as Hadriax el Fex of Arcosia, the Hand of Mornhavon the Black.

I am, as witnessed by God, no longer Hadriax el Fex, but Hadriax Galadheon.

Karigan wandered through the breezeway into the central courtyard gardens, preoccupied by the journal of her apparent ancestor, Hadriax el Fex, and the words of Lil Ambrioth.

Call by Kristen Britain Journal of Hadriax el Fex We sail into the night.

Journal of Hadriax el Fex Though we have been here two months, I still marvel over the magnificence of these.

Journal of Hadriax el Fex Akssandros has devoted much time thinking about another people who inhabit these lands.

Journal of Hadriax el Fex Alessandros has been in a state ever since, the Elt rebuffed his overtures.