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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1956, from Modern Greek (tyri) pheta, from tyri "cheese" + pheta, from Italian fetta "a slice," from Latin offa "a morsel, piece."


n. (alternative spelling of feta English)

Usage examples of "fetta".

Slices of salami, hard cheese, two fat tomatoes, fresh bread, a bottle of light white wine, some fetta, eggs for boiling, and a liter of crystal-clear bottled water.

It didn't matter how much she had found out about Boba Fettas if she had needed more confirmation about how cold and ruthless he could beshe still hadn't found out anything more about herself.

Avrebbe saputo dissolvere la fetta di Cosmo in cui si trovavano lei e lo scisma per trasferirla a Punto Zero, dove pulsava una forza che avrebbe forse abbattuto i giganti prima che diffondessero la loro pazzia?