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As Feth Allmer had predictedand Laj Drai had confirmed, after checking with his tablesthe signals from the planted homing unit were coming from the dark side of the planet.

This was a decidedly unfair question, to which Feth attempted no direct answer.

Ken did not wonder at the wordshe had already come to regard Feth as a taciturn personality.

Only then did Feth open the cargo door, whereupon the process was repeated.

Ken was gone almost before the words had left his diaphragm, and for once Feth had nothing to say.

However, the vacuum and the poor conducting qualities of the rock made it possible even here to venture out in ordinary space suits, and within a few moments Ken, Feth and the pilot were afoot gliding swiftly toward a cliff some forty feet in height.

He kept a sharp look on his two companions as he said this, and succeeded in catching the glance Feth sent at the clock before his reply.

Then he suggested getting some samples of local rock to permit an estimate of digging difficulties, and bit back a grin when Feth suggested rather impatiently that that could wait.

Apparently he had outdone the precious pair at their own gamethough why Feth should care whether or not they stayed longer than necessary was hard to see.

Lee had stayed on the ship, Feth had disappeared on some errand of his own the moment the lock had closed behind them, and the rest of the personnel kept pretty much to themselves anyway.

This was the first Feth had heard of the sortie on Mars, and he said so.

Ken did not voice his growing suspicion that Feth had been more than a mechanic in his time.

The joints had, as Feth expected, shrunk at the seals, and traces of oxides could be found in the insulation.

The three units of armor received an honest preservice check this time, and Feth was no slacker.

This was fairly often, for Ken and Feth had put the testing of cold-armor on a mass-production basis.