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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English

n. A variety of curd cheese made from sheep’s or goat’s milk and originating from Greece.


Feta is a type of cheese.

Feta or FETA may also refer to:

  • Federation of Environmental Trade Associations
  • Fire Extinguishing Trades Association
  • First European Transfer Agent
  • Forth Estuary Transport Authority
  • FETA, an identifier for alpha-fetoprotein a molecule produced in the developing embryo and fetus
  • Feta (font), a font used for rendering musical notation, featured in the program LilyPond
  • Feta Ahamada (born 1987), female sprinter from the Comoros

Usage examples of "feta".

I drove about ten blocks to the Eastern Lamjun Bakery on Belmont Street and bought a package of fresh Syrian bread, a pound of feta cheese, and a pound of Calamata olives.

With a fish salad, better not, for most cheeses will clash with the fishy flavor The tasty exception to this is the so-called "Greek Salad," in which olives, capers, pickled peppers, cucumbers, anchovies and tuna preserved in oil are added to the basic dinner salad, the whole nevertheless being perfected by the addition of chunks of a musky cheese called feta which actually goes well in this configuration, when dressed with olive oil, wine vinegar, garlic, pepper, salt, lemon, and a bit of some herb.

Ground beef heart and baby brine shrimp mixed up in here with the pickled ginger and sun dried tomatoes, he's got bloodworms and crabmeat and medicines for their parasite bacteria and fungus problems right in with the feta cheese and that Ponentine olive spread that cost God knows how much and what's that on the shelf over the sink, that plastic cup that says cole slaw there's something floating in it, will you throw it out?

Jerry eyed Moira's anchovy, onion, garlic and feta cheese pizza and said nothing.

In a rough clay bowl at his feet, dangerously close to the sizzling bulb of his member, were olives, figs, and feta cheese.

She arranged one on a plate together with a cherry tomato and some celery stuffed with feta cheese.

Foods are beginning to smell funny to her, feta cheese like dirty socks, olives like goat droppings.

Goode had returned to the pier, stopping on the way to purchase some fresh fish, a loaf of good bread, some feta cheese, and several bright, red tomatoes.

Back aboard, he grilled the fish over a small charcoal brazier attached to the transom of the boat, and while it was cooking, he sliced the tomatoes, drizzled some olive oil and tarragon vinegar over them, and added some crumbled feta cheese.

In addition to the grilled goat meat, there was chicken stewed in tomato sauce, potatoes, rice, and the classic Greek salad of tomatoes, cucumbers, black olives, onions, and feta cheese.

It was never the same - diseased, sort of - stinking, like the water was turning into feta cheese inside the plastic tubes of the locking devices.

It was never the same-diseased, sort of-stinking, like the water was turning into feta cheese inside the plastic tubes of the locking devices.

For the more robust appetites, she might add crumbled feta cheese.

He hardly touched his meal, of salami, bread and feta cheese, and only kept up a pretence of listening to the desultory chatter of the local ground-crew.

He'd eat a meatball wedge or a souvlaki gyro, while I polished off hunks of feta cheese and black Greek olives or spaghetti al burro.