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Both drank deeply from the thick Ferring wine, which had been brought from the private stock Choro maintained at the establishment.

He had no intention of ask ing anyone in Ferri about Breck, but he did ask directions to Borath.

Silvio Ferra quoted chapter and verse to show that the official Catholic Church propped up the debased capitalistic system, yet he never attacked the Virgin Mary, the diversified useful saints, or a belief in Jesus.

And as the political fame of Ferra grew, Guiliano let it be known the man was his friend though their politics were different.

Not that he, Guiliano, would ever do anything to harm him, but the Friends of the Friends were determined to crush the Socialist party in Sicily and Ferra would certainly be one of their targets.

Silvio Ferra, flanked by his wife and two children, was in the vanguard of the San Giuseppe Jato procession, proudly carrying one of the huge red flags.

Some of the children must have brought firecrackers, Silvio Ferra thought.

Then Silvio Ferra was running through the crowd, searching for his wife and children.

At first there was speculation that the Mafia had committed the massacre, and indeed Silvio Ferra gave speeches laying the deed at the feet of Don Croce.

Silvio Ferra recognized one of them as the Mafia chief of Montelepre, and he felt a sense of relief.

He had known Quintana as a child, and Ferra also knew that the Mafia was very careful in this corner of Sicily not to irritate Guiliano or break his rules about "insults to the poor.

Silvio Ferra dug his heels into the ground and tried to turn back to the community house.

There was no movement in the village and Silvio Ferra felt a deep sense of shame for them.

The men holding his arms disengaged themselves and at that moment Silvio Ferra knew his fate.

He was a calm, deliberate man who believed that there were always two sides in a quarrel and had refused to kill Silvio Ferra for political purposes, had indeed forestalled that man's fate for years.