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n. (plural of ferment English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: ferment)

Usage examples of "ferments".

Of the freshly prepared juice, which should not be kept long as it quickly ferments, from two to three teaspoonfuls are a proper dose.

It never ferments in the stomach, and is very suitable for hectic persons.

If it ferments, and gives out heat, in a heap, nothing is added to it.

I am putting about a ton of spout-feed, malt-combs and corn-meal each week into my manure-pile, and that is the reason why it ferments so readily even in the winter.

But they should not be depended upon to furnish more than a small amount of the whole food supply, or even of its necessary fat, because nearly all nuts contain pungent or bitter aromatic oils and ferments, which give them their flavors, but which are likely to upset the digestion.

The stomach is unable to digest all of it, and it ferments and gives rise to unpleasant results.

There the wort ferments under reduced pressure, the carbonic acid generated being removed by means of a vacuum pump, and the gas thus withdrawn is replaced by the introduction of cool sterilized air.

This vat ferments in much the same way as the woad vat, and presents the same general appearances.