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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Feringee \Fer*in"gee\, n. [Per. Farang[=i], or Ar. Firanj[=i], properly, a Frank.] The name given to Europeans by the Hindos. [Written also Feringhee.]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

name used in India for "European; Englishman; Portuguese," 1630s, from Persian Farangi, from Arabic Faranji (10c.), from Old French Franc "Frank" (see Frank) + Arabic ethnic suffix -i. The fr- sound is impossible in Arabic.

Usage examples of "feringhee".

At this short range he struck the mark to a hair, and his mark was the grinning face of the Kachin who carried the torch, and rejoiced that his friends would now make short work of the fierce young Feringhee who had hidden in the cave.