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Etymology 1 n. 1 (context obsolete or historical English) An army, a host. 2 (context obsolete or historical English) A military expedition. 3 (context obsolete or historical English) A company, band, or group. Etymology 2

n. (context obsolete English) fear.


Ferd is a Norwegian conglomerate that operates within industry and finance as well as a real estate portfolio. The group is owned by Johan H. Andresen and his two daughters Katharina and Alexandra; and dates back to 1778. The group also has a number of venture and private equity holdings.

The company operates in several business areas including:

  • Ferd Capital and Ferd Invest - an investor in private and public companies in Norway making investments from the company's balance sheets
  • Ferd External Managers - a fund of funds making investments in hedge funds, private equity funds and mutual funds
  • Ferd Real Estate - manages approximately 70,000 square meters of real estate
  • Herkules Capital (formerly Ferd Private Equity) makes private equity investments
Ferd (disambiguation)

Ferd is a Norwegian conglomerate. Ferd may also refer to:

  • Ferd (nickname), a list of people
  • a title character in the video The Continuing Story of Carel and Ferd
  • An often derogatory nickname for the Ford Motor Company
Ferd (nickname)

Ferd is a short form of Ferdinand or, in the case of Eunick, Fernandes. Notable people so named include:

  • Ferd Burket (born 1933), American football player
  • Ferd Dreher (1913–1996), American football player
  • Ferd or Fred Eunick (1892–1959), American baseball player
  • Ferd Hayward (1911–1988), Canadian racewalker
  • Ferd Johnson (1905–1996), American cartoonist
  • Ferd Wirtz (1885–1947), Luxembourgian gymnast

Usage examples of "ferd".

Dick, boy-like, smiled grimly as, in imagination he could see the deplorable condition of his antagonist when Ferd humbly admitted that he had had enough.

You see his father was opposed to his getting that motor-cycle, for he said it would be just like Ferd to have an accident, and perhaps get his neck broken.

But Aoz Roon found his family tyrannical, revolted against it early in life, and established his niche in a distant tower, along with bright sparks of his own age, the mirthful Eline Tal, the lecherous Faralin Ferd, the steady Tanth Ein.

Tal, Tanth Ein, and Faralin Ferd called out to their own women, employing endearments and abuse in equal measure.

An old woman, Molas Ferd, was down by the riverbank collecting geese scumble when she sighted the swell.

But old Molas Ferd stood where she was, shovel in hand, staring openmouthed at the waters.

He started down the stairs, his great shoulders almost blocking the trap as he descended, with Faralin Ferd and Eline Tal after him.

Two of the three burly hunters were lifting a body from the mud, while the third, Faralin Ferd, was endeavouring to put his arms about two old women in rain-soaked furs and direct them towards shelter.

The feast was in honour of his three new lieutenants, Tanth Ein, Faralin Ferd, and Eline Tal.

Roon appeared with Eline Tal and Faralin Ferd, and claimed one of the other two hoxneys, which was christened Grey.

Ein and Faralin Ferd rode up, closely followed by Aoz Roon and Eline Tal, with Dathka and younger hunters riding behind.

But Tanth Ein and Faralin Ferd, venal and easygoing men, had no interest in the question in the abstract.

Dol had become concerned for her safety in a building that also housed the two increasingly unruly lieutenants, Faralin Ferd and Tanth Ein.

Ein and Faralin Ferd, lieutenants of Embruddock, together with Raynil Layan, master of the mint, and Dathka, Lord of the Western Veldt, had formed a Fever Committee, on which they themselves sat, together with useful citizens such as Ma Scantiom of the hospice.

The trouble is, Tanth Ein and Faralin Ferd will not protect the city, being too involved with their private interests.