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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a feral cat (=one that lives in groups with other cats but has no home)
▪ The small fishing village was full of feral cats.
▪ Interbreeding with feral cats is probably the biggest threat to the wildcat.
▪ An Inside Job A local authority was called out to a feral cat problem at the local prison.
▪ Resembling a feral cat, it could be identified by its fox's tail and shining, mirror-like eyes.
▪ On occasions a feral cat will move into a burrow and have a litter down there.
▪ a pack of feral dogs
▪ A feral world of backbiting malice, veiled threats, liars and blackmailers.
▪ An Inside Job A local authority was called out to a feral cat problem at the local prison.
▪ He had light brown hair and a feral quality about him that made people do what he wanted.
▪ His voice had moved down the register until it came forth as a kind of feral growl.
▪ Interbreeding with feral cats is probably the biggest threat to the wildcat.
▪ Martin, eyes glaring and lips drawn back in a feral snarl.
▪ The feral kid, by the way, is now said to be working as a jeweler in downtown Sydney.
▪ Yes, I know a large chunk of the child population today is virtually feral, untended and untutored by responsible parents.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Feral \Fe"ral\, a. [L. ferus. See Fierce.] (Bot. & Zo["o]l.) Wild; untamed; ferine; not domesticated; -- said of beasts, birds, and plants.


Feral \Fe"ral\, a. [L. feralis, belonging to the dead.] Funereal; deadly; fatal; dangerous. [R.] ``Feral accidents.''

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

c.1600, "wild, undomesticated," from Middle French feral "wild," from Latin fera, in phrase fera bestia "wild animal," from ferus "wild" (see fierce). Since 19c. commonly "run wild, having escaped from domestication."


a. 1 wild, untamed, especially of domesticated animals having returned to the wild. 2 (context of a person English) Contemptible, unruly, misbehaved. n. 1 A domesticated animal that has returned to the wild; an animal, particularly a domesticated animal, living independently of humans. 2 (context Australia colloquial English) A contemptible young person, a lout, a person who behaves wildly. 3 (context Australia colloquial English) A person who has isolated themselves from the outside world; one living an alternative lifestyle.


adj. wild and menacing; "a ferocious dog" [syn: ferine, savage]

Feral (subculture)

__NOTOC__ The feral subculture is a counter-cultural social movement originating in the latter part of the twentieth century, mainly centered in Australia. The movement reached its heyday in the mid 1990s, in parallel with other similar movements in Europe and elsewhere. In common with those movements, the feral phenomenon can be seen as part of the wider counterculture. In Australia, the ferals are often seen as an amalgam of the punk and hippie subcultures, with a radical environmental philosophy. The movement, during the 1990s, was the subject of national attention, and as a phenomenon has been the subject of anthropological attention as a characteristically Australian " alternative lifestyle".

"Going Tribal", a documentary by Light Source Films, examined the subculture in 1995.

The feral movement is strongly associated with radical environmentalism and a communal lifestyle, with many members residing on multiple occupancy properties. In common with the hippies before them, many members of the feral movement rely on a system of crash pads, squats, and extended networks of "friends of friends" throughout Australia to travel with a minimum of financial outlay. Although the itinerant lifestyle and environmental beliefs most associated with the feral movement are akin to those of the earlier hippie movement, the ferals adopted a confrontational, politically charged style of dress, music, and philosophy more often associated with the punk movement.

Feral (comics)

Feral (Maria Callasantos) is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. She has been both a superhero and a supervillain and most recognizably associated as a member of X-Force. Feral is the sister of Thornn.

Feral (2012 film)

Feral is a 2012 black-and-white animated short film by Daniel Sousa.

Feral (disambiguation)

A feral animal is an animal living in the wild but descended from domesticated individuals.

Feral may also refer to:

  • Feral (comics), a Marvel Comics character
  • Feral (grape), a Portuguese wine grape
  • Feral (Mutant X)
  • Feral (subculture), an Australian counter-cultural movement
  • Feral Brewing Company, an Australian brewery
  • Feral child, a child that that has been isolated from human contact
  • Feral House, an American book publishing company
  • Feral Interactive, a British videogame company
  • Feral Tribune, a Croatian satirical weekly newspaper
  • Feral (2012 film), a 2012 short film

Usage examples of "feral".

A certain feral quality in Chuchu had struck a response deep down in Jenny and it was not long before the Fennessey lawyers were boning up on canon law and probing the possibilities of a papal annulment and remarriage beneath the pontifical umbrella, while Jenny, just slightly pregnant with Luis Fernando, shrieked encouragement over the long-distance lines from a little villa for two in Acapulco.

Router, only to discover the howling virtual wilderness left behind by the demise of a transcended civilization: a wilderness dominated by feral corporate instruments that used human-equivalent intelligences as fungible currency.

It was doglike at first, which elicited another woof from Goofus, but then it became less feral and, while not exactly human, began to sound like something that could form words, though none came.

Sea full of shelves and rocks, sands, gulfs, Euripuses, and contrary tides, full of fearful monsters, uncouth shapes, roaring waves, tempests, and Siren calms, Halcyonian Seas, unspeakable misery, such Comedies and Tragedies, such absurd and ridiculous, feral and lamentable fits, that I know not whether they are more to be pitied or derided, or may be believed, but that we daily see the same still practiced in our days, fresh examples, new news, fresh objects of misery and madness in this kind, that are still represented to us, abroad, at home, in the midst of us, in our bosoms.

Rissim said while Irin held me tightly to her, her thoughts having turned downright feral.

Even if he could bypass the ferals and the jabbers, and avoid Sarah and Con, would the elders take him in?

Anyone with information on the feral child sighted recently at the Umatilla National Park, please contact Jesse Kicking Deer.

A half-grown lyng, wearing a studded collar and tethered by a chain, lay near the throne, idly switching its tail and watching the proceedings through slitted, feral eyes.

But she had never actually seen a fire grow from a tame spark to a feral conflagration until a couple of years ago, in Amsterdam, when a Mobb of Orangist patriots had gathered before the house of a Mr.

His fingers seemed seared by the first contact with her flesh, and his face turned lupine, feral, his nostrils flaring as they filled with her ravishing rosaceous ruinous odor.

It was only after they each evolved to the state of Rov Hum, strong, feral, and dangerous, that they could break their bonds and come together in a wild and sometimes violent joining.

But now it was hard for me to envision ancestor Sawney Mobey selecting just the proper fork for his feral feasts.

He wandered for what seemed hours and saw feral hogs snuffing and grunting among the dead, their snouts strung with lights.

Bruno parried, the blades clanging as they connected, then unleased a brutal onslaught, his left arm slashing wildly, a feral sneer contorting his countenance.

Animal life is almost exclusively Terran, and includes feral cattle, sheep, horse and beefalo, wild swine, various deer species, elk, wapiti, European and North American bison, and brown and black bear.