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Fera (fish)

Fera is a local name for several fish species of the genus Coregonus from Switzerland, and France, in particular Savoy. The true fera referred to the species Coregonus fera, which was endemic to Lake Geneva, but is now extinct. The “fera” served as a food fish in Switzerland and Savoy refers to the still-surviving relatives of the true fera, which include Coregonus palaea. The Lake Geneva whitefish was locally known as "little fera".


Fera may refer to:

  • Fera (fish), a local name for several fish species and the eponymous dish
  • Fera (band), a pop rock/singer-songwriter duo from Vancouver, Canada
  • Fera Airport, Fera Island, the Solomon Islands
  • Fera Science Limited, formerly the Food and Environment Research Agency, UK

FERA may refer to:

  • Federal Emergency Relief Administration, US
  • Federation of European Film Directors
  • Fraud Enforcement and Recovery Act of 2009, US
  • Foreign Exchange Regulation Act, India
Fera (band)

Fera is a Canadian Pop rock/ Singer-songwriter duo composed of twin sisters Courtney and Stephanie Fera. Over the past ten years Fera has recorded three albums: ‘The Music Room’ (2005) – produced by Paul Airey ( Michael Bublé); ‘Familiar Feeling’ (2007) – produced by CCMA award-winner Tom Mckillip ( Aaron Pritchett, One More Girl); and most recently a self-titled EP (2009) – produced by Tom Mckillip and Paul Shatto ( The Higgins).

Usage examples of "fera".

The hate-filled eyes of the Seddi assassin, Arta Fera, glowed amber from the shadows, dangerous and damned.

Nevertheless, she could feel regret for having used the Seddi assassin, Arta Fera, to kill her Emperor.

And crouched on the far side of the cell, Arta Fera had waited, her craziness obvious in the set of her body, the expression on her face.

The entire Targan revolution was hatched as a ruse to bait Staffa into range so that Bruen and this Magister Hyde could use Arta Fera to assassinate the Lord Commander?

Ily Takka to Arta Fera CHAPTER 17 Ily stepped into her office from the lift which had carried her from the subbasement and the interrogation facilities.

Unfortunately, Fera never left her unobserved for long enough to retrieve them.

But would Fera ever drop her guard enough to allow those precious minutes?

Arta Fera, with spring-tight reflexes, rolled off the far edge of the platform and landed-catlike--on her feet.

Skyla indicted the sleeping platrm, suddenly aware that Fera looked too dazed to have just crawled in with her.

Skyla quivered, every muscle knotted and strained as Fera moved away from her.

Skyla watched Arta Fera through slitted eyesAhe game had escalated, with each acutely aware of the stakes.

The voice said that Arta Fera was on her way down with the Wing Commander and would arrive in a short time.

She blinked, still lying on the shattered remains of the wall while Fera leapt for the shuttle, pulling the hatch open.

If I can run her down-tag Fera at the same time, I can kill two devils at once.

But Fera Jones weighs an impressive two-sixty and stands six foot nine.