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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Fer \Fer\, a. & adv. Far. [Obs.]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

prep. (label en dialectal especially British) (eye dialect of for English)


Fer (also known as Fer Servadou, Pinenc, Mansois and several other synonyms) is a red French wine grape variety that is grown primarily in South West France and is most notable for its role in the Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée (AOC) wines of Gaillac, Marcillac and Béarn but can also be found as minor component in the wines of Madiran, Cabardès and Bergerac. The grape is also featured in red blends from several vin de pays regions in the south west with significant plantings coming from the Aveyron department.

According to wine expert Oz Clarke, wine made from Fer is often characterized by its perfumed aromas of currants and red fruit, soft tannins, and concentration in fruit. The grape is not related to the clone of Malbec known as Fer that is widely planted throughout Argentina.

The name Fer is French for iron ( Latin Ferrum), a reference to the very hard and "iron-like" wood of the vine's above ground canopy. Because of this very hard wood stock, the vine can be difficult to prune and trellis.

FER (gene)

Proto-oncogene tyrosine-protein kinase FER is an enzyme that in humans is encoded by the FER gene.

Fer (name)

Fer is a name. Notable people with the name include:

  • Cairbre Nia Fer, legendary Irish king
  • Fer Corb, legendary High King of Ireland
  • Ferdiad, also Fer Diad, a legendary Irish warrior
  • Fer dá Chrích mac Suibni (c. 710-768), Roman Catholic Archbishop of Armagh, Ireland
  • Claudio Rodriguez Fer (born 1956), Galician writer
  • Émilie Fer (born 1983), French slalom canoer and 2012 Olympic gold medalist
  • Leroy Fer (born 1990), Dutch footballer
  • Nicolas de Fer (1646–1720), French cartographer and geographer, engraver and publisher

Usage examples of "fer".

I tink it wuz Fizzers cozin Farf who wuz throwin da bomb most, sed we should pack beatle bugs fer lunch nex time cuz he wuz hungry.

But Jane, de worsest time of all fer us darkies wuz when de Ku Klux killed Dan Black.

When dese poor white men went to de war, dey left deir little chillun and deir wives in de hands of de darkies dat was kind and de rich wives of our marsters to care fer.

You see, it is like dis, when a man gits killed befo he is done what de good Lawd intended fer him to do, he comes back here and tries to find who done him wrong.

The hate-filled eyes of the Seddi assassin, Arta Fera, glowed amber from the shadows, dangerous and damned.

Nevertheless, she could feel regret for having used the Seddi assassin, Arta Fera, to kill her Emperor.

And crouched on the far side of the cell, Arta Fera had waited, her craziness obvious in the set of her body, the expression on her face.

The entire Targan revolution was hatched as a ruse to bait Staffa into range so that Bruen and this Magister Hyde could use Arta Fera to assassinate the Lord Commander?

Ily Takka to Arta Fera CHAPTER 17 Ily stepped into her office from the lift which had carried her from the subbasement and the interrogation facilities.

Unfortunately, Fera never left her unobserved for long enough to retrieve them.

But would Fera ever drop her guard enough to allow those precious minutes?

Arta Fera, with spring-tight reflexes, rolled off the far edge of the platform and landed-catlike--on her feet.

Skyla indicted the sleeping platrm, suddenly aware that Fera looked too dazed to have just crawled in with her.

Skyla quivered, every muscle knotted and strained as Fera moved away from her.

Skyla watched Arta Fera through slitted eyesAhe game had escalated, with each acutely aware of the stakes.