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FEP may refer to

  • Features, events, and processes, in the field of radioactive waste management
  • Federação Escotista de Portugal
  • Federation of European Professional Photographers, a body of professional photographers associations in Europe
  • Federation of European Publishers, the representative body for publishers in Europe
  • Fluorinated ethylene propylene, a member of the fluorocarbon family of plastics
  • Filaments Evaluation Protocol, a FDM/FFF 3D printing methodology to rate materials
  • Firewall Enhancement Protocol
  • Fort Edmonton Park, a living history museum in Edmonton, Canada
  • Free energy perturbation, a method in computational chemistry and statistical mechanics
  • Free England Party, a political party seeking independence for England from the United Kingdom
  • Free erythrocyte porphyrin, a screening method for lead poisoning in the blood
  • Front endpaper of a book
  • Front end processor, a communications device which interfaces a number of peripheral devices to the host computer