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Fent and Tarn, before Min had threatened to punch their lights out, and even Fent had recognized someone potentially more violent than himself and had mumbled what amounted, almost, to an apology.

Toward the end of the procession she saw her twin brother Fent carrying a long, finely made box of polished oak.

He gave Fent a cold look that made his younger sibling quail in a new and unusual manner.

Taking advantage of this moment of inattention, Fent shouldered past them both with the box and trotted smartly down the path, his red head bobbing with suppressed energy.

An image of Fent straining at his bindings in the barn, his eyes bulging with outrage, rose irresistibly to the surface of her mind.

He began to understand the angry things Tor and Fent said about the southerners being their ancient enemy, words that at the time had seemed cruel and stupid.

Truly, Fent, it was just a great narwhal or something like, and much bad luck.

And Fent was becoming a liability at home with nothing to absorb his increasingly destructive energies.

Halli, she would soon lose the man she had borne him to, and most likely Fent as well.

But Fent met her gaze square on, his grin as wide and guileless as it had been when they were children.

Instead of rising to this bait, Fent sat himself down in the chair again and laid his forearms along its wooden frame.

This was a horrible sight at the best of times, and Fent was already feeling nervous.

Whenever Fent looked aft through the dark hours, there his father sat still and unblinking, the moonlight slicking his eyeballs.

It was during this slow time that Fent, who until now had been feverish and raving, made something of a recovery.

Caught in the act of pitching his latest victim over the stern, Fent Aranson whirled around to confront his discoverer.