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n. (plural of fen English)

Usage examples of "fens".

These English of the Fens had put up the only serious resistance to the Normans.

February in the Fens, a dirty tapestry of browns, greys, greens, leafless trees and black puddles under a pewter-coloured sky.

The English of the Fens were coming home from their work of scouring the lodes, drains and streams of the weed and rush which choked them.

Fens, but the Fens as she had never seen them and as no adult ever would see them because she was staring at them through unused eyes.

She told him of the unexpected richness of the Fens, of the terrifying flatness, of the enormity of its sky, how incomprehensible were its people.

Your Fens are a back door into the East, or the Midlands or the North.

Black Fens Brother Daniel, the glass-blower, whipped the boy who was his connection with the Devil for being faulty.

From the fires burning in the Fens they could tell de Mandeville was keeping pace with them.

Since de Mandeville came to the Fens the islanders had been keeping watch on the approaches, using the more reliable children as look-outs so that the adults could get on with their work.

As they continued they degenerated into animal howls that went skipping over the Fens like pebbles, alarming sleeping ducks, dislodging owls from branches and sending herons flapping to safer nests.

There was high moonlight outside the window and the winter noises of the Fens, but there was a new silence in the room.

Besides their own rain the Fens were deluged with the water from thirteen counties.

Only the flat, clean lines of the Fens and their sky had significance for her now.

We picked our slow way across the Fens, she and I and Maric and Theluk.

The Fens stretched out south and west and north, flat to the wide horizon.