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a. (alternative form of fenced in English)

Usage examples of "fenced-in".

At the time he was the proprietor of a small, struggling landscaping company and had leased a fenced-in, twenty-by-fifty-foot Hicksville, Long Island, lot from a man who ran a very successful landscaping design and tree service.

The other day, Kelp and Dortmunder had followed the cherrypicker to its home, a large fenced-in lot in Hammersmith where it was surrounded by other heavy equipment, all painted the same official yellow.

Inside, next to the wall, was a fenced-in area the size of a city block.

Everything was lion-colored, low, tawny, broken, preserved in forgottenness, found so that its lostness might be fixed and made permanent, fenced-in, broken-toothed, stripped naked of time and earth, humbled, refusing to say a word.

He knelt above the fenced-in star, then thrust his open hand into the very core of the sun, his wrist passing immaterially through the steel and crystal framework the Tkon had so laboriously erected around the star.

The fenced-in backyard also contained a redwood table and two benches, a drooping clothesline hung with drying diapers, and several rows of vegetables--carrots, green peppers, and plum tomatoes.

The veterinarians at Holloman Air Force Base had cut the original field of forty chimpanzees down to eighteen and, finally, to six, two males and four females, and had flown them to the Cape and installed them out back of Hangar S in a fenced-in compound.