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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Feme \Feme\ (f[e^]m or f[a^]m), n. [OF. feme, F. femme.] (Old Law) A woman.

Feme covert (Law), a married woman. See Covert, a., 3.

Feme sole (Law), a single or unmarried woman; a woman who has never been married, or who has been divorced, or whose husband is dead.

Feme sole trader or Feme sole merchant (Eng. Law), a married woman, who, by the custom of London, engages in business on her own account, inpendently of her husband.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

n. (context legal historical English) A woman.

Usage examples of "feme".

An attack on one of the rich slave dealers would immediately bring out the whole force of guards and the first thing they would do would be to halt all the femes attempting to leave the docks.