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What were these creatures that rampaged through his thoughts and memories, crying and pounding in his head, so that he could felk only the terrible beings floating through space and nothing else, not even the real world around him?

No one except the cold, silent monitors that sought to felk him where he lay paralyzed, writhing without moving.

And he began to felk more clearly the frightened mind of that girl, and the mind of the other, the Logothian.

The Felk fleet was still emerging, though about half of it was now positioned around its base.

The Felk ships decelerated, looped about, and drew in toward their base.

It had been something very strange, and he thought he could still felk traces of it.

Four others were standing and shaking themselves off, all looking to Felk for leadership.

Balit had taken to tossing the ball to Felk every now and then so it almost seemed like an outing, just a little more adventurous than any of them had hoped for.

Obviously there had been a leak, and the Felks had followed this expedition in.

And now, there was this strangeness he was felking, down the corridor.

As he walked toward the end of the corridor, the felking continued to grow stronger.