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Usage examples of "fela".

He had wanted Nijon to babble for a pass, to give Fela the notion that important information was being transmitted.

Nijon, Mika, Fela, and the soldiers’ captain stood out on the plain, a few yards away from the wagons.

The merchant, Fela, bellowed orders, and the wagons creaked to a halt.

In celebration of their arrival, Fela had ordered up a feast, or as close to one as the cook’s limited supplies might allow.

But most strange and beautiful of all the countless children of Harar and Fela were the three Firstborn.

A pair of young felas, barely out of kittenhood, wrinkled their noses at him flirtatiously, then ran away, sneezing merriment.

Fritti and his siblings, as well as the litter of another fela, were herded into a circle.

Friends watched them and said that this was no mere attraction, to be consummated and then ended when the young fela finally came into her season.

Topping a jutting rock that stood out among the treetops like a fela above her kittens, Tailchaser and Pouncequick stood and watched the sun of their sixth day rise.

The kitten was awake and talking to a slender gray fela with dark-green eyes and short fur.

On behalf of Her Be-whiskered Majesty, Queen Mirmirsor Sunback—direct descendant of Fela Skydancer, and true ruler of the Folk—and on behalf of the Prince Consort, Sresla Dewtreader, I bid you welcome to the Celebration of the Song of Whitewind.

In the last line of trees crowning the rim of the Celebration place, he ran smack into Roofshadow, the gray fela who had befriended him that morning.

One dark afternoon, when the kitten and the gray fela were out wandering the mazes of Firsthome, Tailchaser found himself alone.

Tailchaser and Roofshadow were often quiet, deep in thought—the fela, especially, remaining aloof from Fencewalker's fractious crew.

Watching the gray fela move gracefully beside him, Fritti more than once felt the urge to speak, to elicit some reaction from the calm, silent Roofshadow .