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Fel is a commune in the Orne department in north-western France.

Usage examples of "fel".

As we left the Tuileries, Patu took me to the house of a celebrated actress of the opera, Mademoiselle Le Fel, the favourite of all Paris, and member of the Royal Academy of Music.

That done, the darkish men gathered the discarded shafts that Felber was sending away, along with all stray parts and gadgets.

My want of experience often led me into serious blunders, and Mademoiselle Le Fel would, I have no doubt, have laughed at anyone telling her that I had some wit, after the stupid mistake of which I had been guilty.

Fels, auf dessen Gipfel auch heute noch jede Sommersonnenwende die Sonne zum Stillstand bringt, in einer furchtbaren Flammenkrone.

But when Psyches saw so glorious a body shee greatly feared, and amazed in mind, with a pale countenance all trembling fel on her knees and thought to hide the razor, yea verily in her owne heart, which doubtlesse she had done, had it not through feare of so great an enterprise fallen out of her hand.

Lucifer At Lucifer, though he an aungel were, And nat a man, at hym wol I biginne, For though Fortune may noon aungel dere, From heigh degree yet fel he for his synne Doun into helle, where he yet is inne.

There, despite the efforts of the Empire's best fighter pilot, Baron Soontir Fel, and the skills of the legendary 181st Imperial fighter group, Isoto's bumblings allowed the New Republic to capture the world.

Sir Thopas drow abak ful faste, This geant at hym stones caste Out of a fel staf-slynge.

Mara ran her eye over Fel and the five Chiss, mentally mapping out how she might be able to take them down if it came to a fight.

I said a few pacifying words to Felim, to ensure a decently cooked meal this evening, and rushed to my mother's office on the sublevel.

Fel could only hope he was alert enough to remember to arm the stun grenade before he threw it.