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Feiyue (Sewing)

China Feiyue Sewing Machinery Group was founded in 1986 by Mr. Qiu Jibao. and is one of the largest non-governmental enterprises in China and it is located in Taizhou City in the Zhejiang province.

Mr. Qiu Jibao's entrepreneurship has earned him recognition among leaders in numerous sectors including members of the Chinese government as well as several foreign leaders. Outstanding Entrepreneur of China Private Economy’ title Foreign Office ambassadors praise Feiyue

China Feiyue Sewing Machine Corporate Group currently produces 31 series of combined Domestic and Industrial sewing equipment that amounts to over 300 distinct products. Computerized Industrial Sewing Machines, Electronic Domestic Sewing Machines and Automated Embroidery Machines make up for the most part of the corporation’s sales. Annual sales have reached US$166,000,000.00 worldwide and have been increasing at a steady pace for the better part of the last decade.

Over the past decade, they have supplied and manufactured items for large internationally recognized companies such as the Singer company.

China Feiyue has over 30 international offices in several countries worldwide including the United States.

In the beginning of 2009, China Feiyue went through a restructuring effort in order to avert a financial crisis that had befallen on the company much of 2008 because of the economic downturn across the globe. Feiyue saw its sale plummet because of fears of the economic downturn by its largest customers.

From its restructuring efforts, new capital was brought in by several investors that were eager to contribute to the Feiyue company and gain a share of one of the most popular brands of China in Feiyue.

Feiyue was also able to emerge from this crisis stronger by entering in other markets such as recycling, automotive and other industries with the help of the new participants.

Feiyue constantly participates in trade shows worldwide to show case their products.


thumb|upright=1.1|alt=A pair of the original FeiYue Shoes.|A pair of the original Feiyue Shoes.

Feiyue is a Chinese sneaker brand produced in Shanghai since the 1920s. Today, they are still produced in China. Since 2006, the Feiyue brand is also owned by a French company, which operates separately from the original Chinese company.