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FEIT (pronounced fight) is an Australian brand of shoes and accessories based in New York City. It was founded by Australian brothers Tull & Josh Price in 2005. FEIT products are known for being handmade using natural materials.

Usage examples of "feit".

Ondanks het feit dat het de laatste tijd zo heet was, was Jimmy Quinn van mening dat het weer binnenkort heel goed kon omslaan.

Hij schreef haar zakelijke houding toe aan het feit dat ze per opdracht werd betaald: hoe sneller ze werkte, des te meer verdiende ze.

Among his plans for the New Yzordderrex would be a palace made of mirrors, and of glass made possessive by feits, that would hold the glory of these inkling dawns and protract them, so that they met the glow of dusk coming in other directions.

It had never had much of a taste for the mystical, and with all but the weakest of its evocators and feit workers murdered by the Tabula Rasa, there was nobody to begin the labor of freeing minds locked up in dogmas and utilities.

I tipped it against the wall and feit underneath, and sure enough it was the type worked on one connecting rod up the back: pushed the rod up from the bottom and all the drawers became unlocked.

The mystif had a host of minor feits at its disposal, Gentle realized: ways to use its powers of seduction to make even the most rapacious hosteller pliant.

He'd spent many lazy Yzordderrexian evenings on the roof of Peccable's house, watching the tail of the comet disappear behind the towers of the Autarch's palace, talking about the theory and practice of Imajical feits, writs, pneumas, uredos, and the rest.

It wasn't a skill with feits and sways, nor was it pneumas, nor resurrections, nor the driving out of demons.