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Fei or FEI may refer to:

Fei (surname)

Fei is a traditional Chinese surname. It is ranked 65th in the Hundred Family Surnames.

This surname has three main sources. Two of them are from the state of Lu during the Spring and Autumn period (722–481 BC), part of present-day Shandong province. A senior official of the state of Lu was granted a city named Fei, while the son of a certain duke was granted a county named Fei. Both of these place names were adopted by descendants as surnames. A third source of the name is Fei Zhong, a high minister of the Yin Dynasty (1401–1122 BC).

Usage examples of "fei".

In short, people followed him, whereas they simply thought Xiao Fei was weird.

Xiao Fei executed a practiced wrist flip, and another dart dropped into her gun.

Miss Xiao Fei Finney, one-time Phoenix Tear, and he knew what he had to do.

Even on this printed copy of a copy, Xiao Fei looked lost and dirty and empty of everything except a painful confusion.

It was just another parent-child argument in Chinatown, and Xiao Fei was weak with pleasure at the sound.

As far as Xiao Fei could tell, none of the charms worked, but faith and superstition lived on.

Wang wrinkled her nose at the latest potpourri simmering on the decorative brazier, reminded Xiao Fei to dust the good-fortune frogs, then wandered off for her hair appointment while taking the morning receipts with her.

But he had precious little time to make love to Xiao Fei, and if this ancient love charm helped, he was happy to take advantage.

And at the moment, all Xiao Fei had agreed to do was stick needles in him.

Xiao Fei had returned to his shoulders, pressing and kneading the muscles there until his skin tingled with awareness.

One vamp lunged for Xiao Fei, but she slid out of the way and gave a quick wrist-breaking kick while she was at it.

Vamps had a lot more stamina than humans, and Patrick and Xiao Fei were outnumbered.

The pair collided but combined their momentum right into Xiao Fei as she was ducking around the vamp girl with the big boobs.

They were completely exposed, but Patrick barely noticed as Xiao Fei began moaning.

It was hard keeping an eye on Xiao Fei, and what was happening outside, and dress all at the same time, but somehow he managed.