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interj. An expression of disgust or contempt.


Feh or variants may refer to:

  • Feh (interjection), Yiddish interjection possibly the root of the interjection fehdi wane
  • Iron(I) hydride, chemical compound represented by chemical formula FeH
  • Feh (letter), variant of Pe, the seventeenth letter of the Semitic abjads

Usage examples of "feh".

Most days she feh strong, positive about a future mat would allow for her and Ben to be with each other, with Jake and with their child.

If he feh anything at all he didn't betray it, and appeared to be waiting for her to speak before saying anything else.

He concentrated on the memory, knowing that Ian Troi had certainly feh the same way when he'd first held Deanna, and was rewarded with another warm smile from the young woman.