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FEG may refer to:

  • Far Eastern Group, a Taiwanese conglomerate
  • Federación Española de Guidismo, the Spanish Federation of the Guide Movement
  • Feg Murray (1894–1973), American athlete
  • Fegyver- és Gépgyár, a Hungarian arms manufacturing company
  • Fergana International Airport, in Uzbekistan
  • Ferroelectric generator
  • Field emission gun
  • Fighting and Entertainment Group, a Japanese combat sport promoter
  • FlyEgypt, an Egyptian airline
  • Flying electric generators
  • Force Element Groups, the operational capabilities of the Australian Defence Force
  • Foundation for Effective Governance, a defunct Ukrainian economic development organization
  • Fox Entertainment Group, an American entertainment company
  • Friedrich-Ebert-Gymnasium, a school in Hamburg, Germany

Usage examples of "feg".

But then of course, anyone with access to the bedroom could have been blamed, Feg or Fanny, Lizzie Gamble or Betty.

We then cannily proceeded, just as if one thing begat another, to discourse anent the different men that were likely to do as councillors, and fixed at last on Alexander Hodden the blanket merchant, and Patrick Fegs the grocer, both excellent characters of their kind.

Mr Fegs, was even better, for he was so good-tempered, and kindly, and complying, that the very callants at the grammar school had nicknamed him Barley-sugar Pate.

I sighed, sat up and swung my I fegs off the bed, slipping my feet into satin mules.

Feg said there were a number of small birdlike animals laughing in his bathroom, Aslylgof had been showered with drops of something like honey, the Wadi art appraisers were calling to say that a small panel of the bulkhead wall on C had turned into a mouth and was chanting.

There was Dez’s self-directed anger, Neane and then Pri’ak’s quiet prayers to different deities, Feg and Triv’s uncomfortable formality.