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n. (plural of fee English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: fee)

Usage examples of "fees".

Compliance requirements are not uniform and it takes a considerable effort, much paperwork and many fees to meet and keep up with these requirements.

Mac Fees that she came to the conclusion that he had been laughing silently when he had made that last remark.

She gave a final wave to the Mac Fees and then occupied herself making her patient comfortable for the first leg of their journey to Holland.

Certainly enough to terrify any accountant, but after the shock of the Dyloft settlement and the enormous fees that had flooded in, he was not in a position to complain.

Skinny Ben was costing the firm much less, but the expenses were piling up and the fees were not.

She had plenty of clients and lots of fees, but nothing had excited her as much as the Dyloft fiasco.

A reduction in fees was not something his firm was prepared to discuss.

He saw the glitter of a thousand crowns in fees from La Cibot, and five thousand francs from the Presidente.

Customs Point was doing very well from his fees, or so the rumor had it.

How many questionable businesses do you think he fees, either the whole or in part, here in Astreiant?

Two licentiates protested against such payment, stating that it was contrary to the statutes, whereupon an inquiry was held, by which it was established that these fees had been paid to the bedels from time immemorial and were therefore due.

At the present time the expression is applied to terminal examinations, and this use of it originated from the circumstance that fees were paid by the scholars varying in accordance with the subject of study.

An attempt was made also to prevent fees or robes being given to the masters, but the statute doubtless proved inoperative, and was afterwards repealed.

Medusa and the killer and we can collect fees from a number of different clients.

The only terms I made with him on this new condition of things was that he should, out of his incoming fees, pay my clerk L500 a quarter until the whole sum was liquidated.