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n. (singular definite of fe Danish) vb. (label en transitive informal) to want something obsessively; to have a strong desire for.

Usage examples of "feen".

The Feen held shares in the multinational Lunar Enterprise System, so Cogdill paid heed.

By expansion, for one thing, including a land purchase that gave the Feen its own tubetrain station, complete with some rather sophisticated security gates and a short siding track to accommodate its newly purchased cargo cars.

Mostly, Fallon said, they tended to repeat, over and over again, experiments the Feen had tried and found wanting.

And so were the rest of the kids, my age and younger, in the Feen Enclave.

But anything that focused attention away from the Feen, he was glad to see.

He suggested that the Feen develop and market an inexpensive and convenient facial depilatory.

Bardeen was talking about how we had come to exist, all the problems the Feen had with our unexpected differences, and the difficult decisions that needed to be made.

The bad times, when the Feen was under physical attack by people blaming it for the Sterility Plague, egged on by some Tri-V preacher, were before any of us Mark Twos were born.

The money was gone, but when he found a pay phone, he still had a card that let him call the Feen, collect.

But for the next two weeks, until my transition to F was complete, someone at the Feen made excuses to PDQ Systems, delaying the start of my employment there.

Bardeen leaned forward, watching closely, as Lesa Pfluge finally came to the crucial part, the part Jody Jay hoped would damn the Feen in the public view.

The thing that worried Moss was waiting to learn what action the Feen was going to take against him, for giving so many Mark One females their very own little bundles from Mark Two heaven.

But whether due to that factor or merely to the overall climate of attitudes in the Feen Enclave, none of us had ever trained, to speak of, in the martial arts.

Growing up in the Feen we had no need for cars, no reason to learn to use them.

Starting from the station here in Feen territory, and reaching the hotel without ever surfacing Outside.