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Federales (Argentina)

Federales was the name under which the supporters of federalism in Argentina were known, opposing the Unitarios that claimed a centralised government of Buenos Aires Province, with no participation of the other provinces of the custom taxes benefits of the Buenos Aires port. The Federales supported the autonomy of the provincial governments and the distribution of external commerce taxes among the provinces.


Federales is a Spanglish word used to denote certain organizations from Latin countries. The term gained widespread usage by English-speakers due to popularization in such films as The Wild Bunch, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, and Blue Streak. The singular "Federale" is in fact incorrect, since the Spanish language uses "es" to pluralize nouns ending in a consonant; therefore, the correct singular form is "Federal" (with stress on the last syllable, unlike the English adjective), though this term is ambiguous in written English. The term is a cognate and counterpart to the slang "Feds" in the United States.

Federales generally refers the following organizations:

Usage examples of "federales".

But federales were too smart to plunge solo into a ninloco congregation.

They were senior federales, with a shared sense of right, wrong, and what maybe perhaps possibly sometimes could be done about it.

Where most federales gave out only citations, Angel Cardenas also dispensed hope.

Certainly Cardenas encountered no fellow federales as he wended his way deeper and deeper into the 'zone.

If their spinners had not been fried in their barbecue of a 4X4, the two federales could have called for a ride.

As the two federales looked on, their hostess removed dishes and tumblers from the scrubber and stacked them in an open cabinet.

It was immediately apparent that the two federales were not the target of the invading apes.

Considering her background and what she had already gone through, everyone from the federales to the psychys agreed that the more run-of-the-mill and unpressured her immediate environment, the better it would be for her health and well-being.

While Hyaki trailed the meandering pair from nearby, two to four other incog federales shadowed them all, alert for the unexpected, the unusual, and the potentially dangerous.

The woman had managed to get off one shot before the two federales had blown her away.

Hyaki caught his friend's drift, and the two federales wordlessly exited the room, leaving the social worker to continue comforting the emotionally wrung-out twelve-year-old.

And by the way, the federales catch you with that piece and you might have trouble trying to get back across.

And by the way, you better not bring that gun with you or the federales will hook you up, too.

I knew the federales were going to get involved, I wasn’t surprised when I saw that woman Malone in the paper, but we all know that Gene isn’t quite right.

The Federales had tried to comfort her by telling her that extra care would be taken with Justin because he was blond and blue-eyed, and therefore worth more.