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Fedder is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Jan Fedder (born 1955), German actor
  • Judith Fedder (born 1958), United States Air Force general

Usage examples of "fedder".

Dinner with the Fedders had been a tedious exercise in pretentious snobbery, and he wanted a little time to himself.

Martin Fedder was a shallow little social climber, and wife Laramie was just plain stupid.

For some reason she believed that Laramie Fedder might be of help to her in landing the Krebs account.

About the only thing that Laramie Fedder had ever landed was the unspeakable Martin, and she was welcome to him.

Now that the evening chez Fedder had been endured, Mallory expected Dustin to retire to the bedroom and give her a half hour of his undivided and energetic attention.

I have no interest in sleeping with Martin Fedder even to titillate you.

Melissa Fedder was still crying, and Jamie worked hard at making his lower lip tremble.