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FECH may refer to:

  • Ferrochelatase
  • Student Federation of the University of Chile

Usage examples of "fech".

Your Aunt and Harry Whent to the Wells Races and Spent a very Pleasant Day your Aunt has Lost Old Fanney Sow She Died about a Week a Go Harry he Wanted your Aunt to have her killed and send her to London and Shee Wold Fech her 11 pounds the Farmers have Lost a Greet Deal of Cattel such as Hogs and Cows What theay call the Plage I Whent to your Aunt as you Wish Mee to Do But She Told Mee She Did not wont aney Boddy She Told Mee She Should Like to Come up to see you But She Cant Come know for she is Boddyley ill and Harry Donte Work there know But he Go up there Once in Two or Three Day Harry Offered is self to Go up to Live With your Aunt But She Made him know Ancer.

This is called the Weber-Fechner Law after the two Germans, Ernst Heinrich Weber and Gustav Theodor Fechner, who worked it out.

Gustav Theodor Fechner who asked why Nature should be unable to count beyond three.

A rejection of men like Wundt, Fechner and Tichener who defined the subject matter of psychology -- the rigorous study of the relationship between inner and outer geography, between consciousness and external stimulus-behavior.

The work of such men as Fechner and Bachofen is in the library in the town.

Thenne comaunded the lorde in that sale to samen alle the meny, Bothe the ladyes on loghe to ly3t with her burdes Bifore alle the folk on the flette, freke3 he beddez Verayly his venysoun to fech hym byforne, And al godly in gomen Gawayn he called, Teche3 hym to the tayles of ful tayt bestes, Schewe3 hym the schyree grece schorne vpon rybbes.