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n. (plural of feast English)

Usage examples of "feasts".

When the time of the principal festival arrives the king comes from the new city to this city of Bisnaga, since it is the capital of the kingdom and it is the custom there to make their feasts and to assemble.

Isaac slept on the throne, and was awakened only by the sound of pleasure: his vacant hours were amused by comedians and buffoons, and even to these buffoons the emperor was an object of contempt: his feasts and buildings exceeded the examples of royal luxury: the number of his eunuchs and domestics amounted to twenty thousand.

The King, knowing all this, yet for the love he bore the Queen, and so that the matter should not come to light, dissembled and made feasts, giving the name 'Chica Raya' to the boy, which is the name always given to the heir to the throne.

For these feasts are summoned all the dancing-women of the kingdom, in order that they should be present.

On the upper platform, close to the king, was Christovao de Figueiredo, with all of us who came with him, for the king commanded that he should be put in such a place as best to see the feasts and magnificence.

The king was received by the citizens with great feasts, and the streets were hung with rich cloths, and with many triumphal arches under which he passed.

The studious youth were severely prohibited from wasting their time in feasts, or in the theatre.

She was dressed, and adorned, in all the colorful, glittering, striking barbaric richness, in all the impressiveness and splendor, in all the festive display, fit for feasts and dances, of a red-savage female.

That means, he'll have to wait till the Midyear Feasts, when the Convocation assembles, and he can get his constitution enacted.

To be able to furnish that, he would have to remain until the Midyear Feasts, when the Convocation would act on the new constitution.

By the time the Feasts began, every Masterly man, woman and child would be in the city.

Sometimes, at dinners and feasts, they gathered around him in giggling groups.

Crowded feasts were concentrated confusion, alive with drinking, conversation, commotion, and emotion.

The dress wasn't nearly as low-cut as those worn lately at feasts, yet he still found its cut less than refined.

The feasts wouldn't be the success they are without your valuable help.