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n. (plural of feaster English)

Usage examples of "feasters".

Before long, the feasters were spinning in several concentric rings, one going one way, the next the other.

Then the feasters discovered that Demetrios-in-the-right could be just as swift and ruthless as Demetrios-in-the-wrong!

He had withdrawn, even in the midst of the feasters, into his own thoughts.

But from somewhere back in the bush, drums rumbled sullenly through all the hours of darkness, a satanic-sounding accompaniment to the lunatic cackles of hyaenas, the hissings and bellowings of crocodiles, the low coughing of leopards, and the hundred and one other noises made by other feasters on the cleared land outside the walls.

And all day long the feasters came and went, from one wild winter game to another.

The roar of the feasters grew louder as they drank, then softer as one by one they passed out, snoring.

Goblets were continually being emptied and refilled and an animated buzz of conversation filled the hall as feasters were being served and trenchers of translucent amber replenished.

But I was spellbound, and remained listening to the heavy munch of blood-stained jaws until presently I was aware other and lesser feasters were coming.

SPIRIT OF THE YEARS Those words of this man Pitt--his last large words, As I may prophesy--that ring to-night In their first mintage to the feasters here, Will spread with ageing, lodge, and crystallize, And stand embedded in the English tongue Till it grow thin, outworn, and cease to be.