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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Feast \Feast\, v. i. [imp. & p. p. Feasted; p. pr. & vb. n. Feasting.] [OE. festen, cf. OF. fester to rest from work, F. f[^e]ter to celebrate a holiday. See Feast, n.]

  1. To eat sumptuously; to dine or sup on rich provisions, particularly in large companies, and on public festivals.

    And his sons went and feasted in their houses.
    --Job. i. 4.

  2. To be highly gratified or delighted.

    With my love's picture then my eye doth feast.


vb. (en-past of: feast)

Usage examples of "feasted".

But finding plenty of corn in the river of Chickahomania, where hundreds of salvages in divers places stood with baskets expecting his coming, and now the winter approaching, the rivers became covered with swans, geese, ducks, and cranes, that we daily feasted with good bread, Virginia peas, pumpions, and putchamins, fish, fowls, and divers sorts of wild beasts as fat as we could eat them, so that none of our Tuftaffaty humorists desired to go to England.

Notwithstanding within an houre after they tyed him to a tree, and as many as could stand about him prepared to shoot him, but the King holding up the Compass in his hand, they all laid downe their Bowes and Arrowes, and in a triumphant manner led him to Orapaks, where he was after their manner kindly feasted and well used.

Til night, neither he nor they did either eate or drinke, and then they feasted merrily, and with the best provisions they could make.

The Queene of Appamatuck was appointed to bring him water to wash his hands, and another brought him a bunch of feathers, instead of a Towell to dry them: having feasted him after their best barbarous manner they could.

This night they quartered with Powhatan, and were liberally feasted, and entertained with singing, dancing, and orations.

It speaks well for the temperate habits of this savage that after he had feasted his guests, "he caused to be fetched a great glass of sack, some three quarts or better, which Captain Newport had given him six or seven years since, carefully preserved by him, not much above a pint in all this time spent, and gave each of us in a great oyster shell some three spoonfuls.

The group feasted on mutton and slurped thick stew, all the while cursing and taunting each other - a typical dinner gathering of verbeeg.

More than one hunting cat or wolf had feasted upon a troll carcass only to bring its own horrible demise when a new monster grew in its belly.

He and Drizzt feasted well, knowing this to be, most probably, their last fine meal for many days.

Ten-foot-long wormlike creatures swarmed all about these, long tendrils feeling the way as they feasted on the bloated corpses.

Of course-and the drow and his Mends knew it-tall grass might also serve as camouflage for the dangerous tundra yetis, always hungry beasts that often feasted on unwary travelers.

He snickered now when he considered all that he had told the foolish little halfling, for Junger had indeed once feasted on the meat of humans, and even on a halfling once.

Their eyes feasted on her body, devouring Kyra’s glossy cunt lips as if they were the ones kneeling between her thighs.

Or was Adica simply unable to describe the place he had once known, the halls where nobles walked and feasted and where the church reigned in splendor?

Its breath, weeping with the broken eggs it has feasted on, hits his face like the breath of fetid summer wind.