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He knows that we take our dead leaders to the rhu fead, and he seems to have realized that it would be a fine opportunity to attempt a massacre of the Domains families, since most of us will accompany the funeral train.

We will be going to the rhu fead in two days, if we survive the council meeting without bloodshed, and you can have your wish to get on a horse, at least.

One of them, Miles Granfell, who is the second in command to Lyle Belfontaine, the Station Chief, suggested that since the Comyn accompany the body of their dead rulers to the rhu fead, that an attack on the funeral train might be a lovely idea.

One of these is that our dead rulers will be interred in the rhu fead, which is a very peculiar place to begin with.

The strange pink grass that grew around the rhu fead shimmered with dew, and the large yew trees that stood like sentinals nearby rustled in the wind.

It might be one of the oldest Towers on Darkover, but it derived much of its prestige from the rhu fead, site of the ancient holy things, and its proximity to the royal seat.

Everywhere she looked, some wondrous new vista opened before her-life as a leronis of one of the most prestigious Towers on Darkover, the rhu fead with its mysteries and ancient holy things, the lake with its cloud-water, the city, the glittering court.

Even as Julianna spared Dom Ronal in the destruction of Cedestri Tower, so will she leave the city of Hali standing, with the rhu fead and all its ancient splendors.

Only the rhu fead with its holy things, housed in a separate location under layers of laran-keyed insulating fields, and part of the foundation had survived.