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As an acronym, FDT may refer to:

  • Fashion Design and Technology, a course of study offered at Frederick Institute of Technology
  • File descriptor table, a term used in POSIX operating systems
  • Fluctuation-dissipation theorem (statistical physics), a powerful tool in statistical physics for predicting the behavior of systems that obey detailed balance
  • Force development and training in the military, as in the British Army's Commander Force Development and Training
  • Formula and Derivation Tool, the original name of BRFplus, software from SAP AG
  • Freddie Dalton Thompson (born 1942), an American politician and actor
  • Frequency-doubling technology, a type of visual field test
  • Powerflasher FDT, a software application for development of Adobe Flash content

As a French language acronym, FDT may refer to:

  • Fédération Démocratique du Travail ( Democratic Federation of Labour), a national trade union center in Morocco
  • Front Démocratique du Tchad ( Democratic Front of Chad), a Chadian political party