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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

U.S. Food and Drug Administration, 1930, shortened from Food, Drug, and Insecticide Administration.

FDA (trade union)

The FDA, formerly The Association of First Division Civil Servants, is a trade union for UK senior and middle management civil servants and public service professionals founded in 1918.

Its over 19,000 members include Whitehall policy advisers middle and senior managers, tax inspectors, economists and statisticians, government-employed lawyers, crown prosecutors, procurators fiscal, schools inspectors, diplomats, senior national museum staff, senior civil servants, accountants and National Health Service (NHS) managers.

FDA (disambiguation)

FDA is the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, an agency responsible for the control and safety of food and drugs.

FDA may also refer to:

Usage examples of "fda".

DBA and FDA immediately announced plans to reassess the legality of Health IncaTea, and wholesalers yanked crateloads out of circulation.

In the case of scientists, the gap between those employed at FDA and drug company scientists with similar qualifications was even wider.

IRS calls his buddy at FDA and they dig up a couple of cases of typhus out in the boondocks, seize their mailing list send out agents in Georgia Arkansas Mississippi Texas digging up typhus nobody told them to drink the Pee Dee water, a lot of God damn ignorant people out there see a bottle they open it and drink it that brings in the Post Office Department and the FCC, they all know each other.

Sam Hawthorne, replacing the telephone after his Boonton-San Francisco conversation with Celia, found himself wishing he had not made the impulsive, positive statement he had concerning FDA approval of Montayne.

What the CSM leader did not mention was either Celia or the information Celia had given her, namely that the FDA had already decided to forbid further use of all existing IN.

President Combes appointed him FDA Commissioner as the first act of his first term.

Washington rumor was that Combes had personally begged Van Grant to take over the FDA.

I know that the average duration from discovery of a potential drug to its FDA approval and marketing is about twelve years, and the average cost is somewhere around two hundred million dollars.

On the second, Kenneth Starr appeared in the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans on behalf of four big tobacco companies that, at the same time, were engaged in a heated dispute with my administration over their marketing of cigarettes to teenagers and how much authority the FDA had to stop them.

Then there are the drugs that are legal in other countries but not approved by the FDA, which, according to Jay, is another whole can of worms.

They hadn't yet approached the FDA for human trials, because that wasn't necessary-but when Shiva started appearing all over the world, Horizon Corporation would announce that it had been working quietly on hemorrhagic fever vaccines ever since the Iranian attack on America, and faced with a global emergency and a fully documented treatment modality, the FDA would have no choice but to approve human use, and so officially bless the Project's goal of global human extermination.

We’ll have to do all this before we file an investigational new drug application with the FDA, which is what you have to do before you can even start the clinical phase.

The elevator sign this morning read: NEW PRESS RELEASE BY THE FDA: RED MEAT IS NOT BAD FOR YOU.

I believe this fact alone will make FDA approval a breeze since characterizing specific toxicities is what takes so damn much time.

The FDA has laid claim to the legal authority to regulate products derived from transgenetic animals.