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FCR may stand for the following:

  • Financial Condition Report, A Report on the Financial Condition of a company, often prepared by a professional and experienced person as part of a statutory requirement. For example, FCR's on Insurance companies prepared by Actuaries as an annual statutory return to an Insurance or Financial Regulator. May also be requested by Management or the Board of the company.
  • FCR 2001 Duisburg, a German women's football club from Duisburg
  • Fc receptor, a protein receptor found on cells of the immune system
  • Feed conversion ratio, how efficient an animal is at converting food into body mass
  • Field Change Request, In construction, technical drawing with changes
  • Fire-control radar, in the military, a system for providing information on how to direct weapon fire.
  • First call resolution, a measurement of customer service in the contact center industry, for instance in a service level agreement
  • Flat-Coated Retriever a breed of gundog
  • Flexor carpi radialis muscle, a muscle in the forearm
  • Flying Carpet (airline) ICAO code
  • Folin-Ciocalteu reagent, a reagent to detect polyphenols
  • Forwarder's Cargo Receipt As its name indicates, it is a transactional document issued by a freight forwarder to confirm receipt of cargo. It is not a transportation document. The Forwarder's Cargo Receipt provides validation that a vendor has delivered the specified cargo and all related documents to the designated receiver. It also enables the vendor to collect payment for the cargo from the clients bank as defined in the Letter of Credit (L/C).
  • Frontier Crimes Regulations, a set of Pakistani laws applying to Pashtun-inhabited tribal areas
  • Fulton County Railway, a company operating on about 55 miles of track owned by CSX Transportation in Georgia, USA
  • Functional Residual Capacity, in medicine, the amount of air in the lungs after passive expiration.
FCR (company)

FCR is an American outsource provider of call centers. Based in Roseburg, Oregon, FCR was founded in 2005 as Comspan Call Center Services, a division of the communications company, Comspan. After the communications company was bought by a Canadian corporation, the call center was established as its own company by Comspan co-founder John Stadter and business partner Matthew Achak.

FCR is one of the fastest growing businesses in Oregon and has been named one of the Top Workplaces by the The Oregonian for four consecutive years since 2012.

The company has over 60 clients in industries including financial, healthcare, retail, e-commerce, as well as start-ups and technology companies based in Silicon Valley. FCR also works with insurance companies and other organizations during natural disasters including Hurricane Katrina. FCR maintains a sales office in Seattle, WA and operates call centers throughout Oregon in Roseburg, Grants Pass, Coos Bay, Veneta, Eugene and Independence.

FCR was recognized by as a Company To Watch, citing trends in the call center industry where companies make significant investments in human capital and technology to communicate more effectively with Millennials.