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FBA may refer to:

  • Belgian Forces in Germany (French: ) after the Second World War
  • Federation of British Artists
  • Federal Bar Association
  • Fellow of the British Academy
  • Filsports Basketball Association
  • First Baptist Academy (Houston, Texas), United States
  • First Baptist Academy of Dallas, Texas, United States
  • First Baptist Church (Atlanta), Georgia, United States
  • Fixed-block architecture
  • Florida Basketball Association
  • Flux Balance Analysis, in chemical engineering/systems biology
  • Fonte Boa Airport, in Brazil
  • Form-based authentication
  • Found Brothers Aviation, Canadian aircraft manufacturer
  • Franco-British Aviation, British seaplane manufacturer
  • French BasketBall Association
  • Freshwater Biological Association
  • Fusiform body area
  • Fulfillment by Amazon; see ยง Fulfillment and warehousing