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a. (context archaic English) fair, beautiful n. (context archaic English) fair ''(in the sense of both (term: market) and (term: pretty))''.

Usage examples of "fayre".

And thus with allowed and delightfull discoursing speeches, we came to a fayre Riuer, vpon the banck whereof, besides other fayre greene and florishing Trees, and water hearbes, I beheld a fine Groue of Plane Trees, in the which was an excellent fayre bridge ouer the Riuer made of stone, with three Arches, with pyles bearing foorth against the two fronts, to preserue the worke of the bridge, the sides thereof beeing of excellent workmanship.

Pearles, and after them two fayre Iacinthes: all these Pearles and Stones were laced in a worke in losenges, in a rare and beautifull manner.

Maydenlie head attyred and bound vp in fillets of glystering gould, and instrophiated redimited, garnished ouer and beset with floured mirtle, and vpon hir snowye foreheade, branched out hir trembling curled lockes, and about hir fayrest showlders, flew her long tresses after a nymphish fashion artyfitiallye handeled.

Her apparell was exquesite of greene silke and golde, marueilously wouen, and of a Nymphish fashion, couering her body and girded about her wast, edged about with Pearle and stone, and a crowne of glittering golde vpon her fayre heade.

And with these and such like pleasaunt and gratious questions, these fayre young Virgins, sporting and solacing themselues, we washt and bathed together.

Couered with a habite blowne abroad with the winde, and shewing parte of the naked substance of the legges and thighes: with two wings growing out from the shoulder blades, and spred abroad as if shee were readye to flye, turning hir fayre face and sweete regarding countenance towardes hir wings.

They said that when it was Christmas Fayre time in the Store there was this thing that came called Santer Claws.

In this fayre countrie you shall not finde any large fennie groundes, or offensiue and sicklye ayres, or craggie and fertlesse mosses, but faire and pleasaunt hilles, inuironed and walled about with steip and vnpassageable rockes, and by meanes thereof, secure and free from all daungers and feare, we want not any thing which may breed delight, and cause a sweete content.

Then first before the sacred Maiestie and royall person of the Queene, and afterwards to vs, fiue fayre Nymphes apparelled in blewe silke and golde curiously wouen togeather in workes, did all together appresent themselues.

The metallyne gates beeing shut, I remayned incloystered among these fayre and beautifull Nymphes, who began very pleasantly and wantonly to deuise with mee: and beeing hemmed in with their lasciuious company, I found my selfe prouoked by their perswasiue alluring intisements, to vnlawfull concupiscence, feeling in my selfe a burning desire, kyndled with their wanton aspects, an increasing prouocation of a lusting fier.

And thenne a mere mantyle wat3 on that mon cast Of a broun bleeaunt, enbrauded ful ryche And fayre furred wythinne with felle3 of the best, Alle of ermyn in erde, his hode of the same.

Fayre Britomart saues Amoret,Duessa discord breedesTwixt Scudamour and Blandamour:Their fight and warlike deedes.

Alle hasped in his he3 wede to halle thay hym wonnen, Ther fayre fyre vpon flet fersly brenned.

The freke ferde with defence, and feted ful fayre-- "Tha3 I were burde bryyghtest," the burde in mynde hade.

And soothly sure she was full fayre of face,And perfectly well shapt in euery lim,Which she did more augment with modest grace,And comely carriage of her count'nance trim,That all the rest like lesser lamps did dim:Who her admiring as some heauenly wight,Did for their soueraine goddesse her esteeme,And caroling her name both day and night,The fayrest Pastorella her by name did hight.