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Usage examples of "fayn".

Soone as she heard the name of Artegall,Her hart did leape, and all her hart-strings tremble,For sudden ioy, and secret feare withall,And all her vitall powres with motion nimble,To succour it, themselues gan there assemble,That by the swift recourse of flushing bloodRight plaine appeard, though she it would dissemble,And fayned still her former angry mood,Thinking to hide the depth by troubling of the flood.

Amongst them all growes not a fayrer flowre,Then is the bloosme of comely courtesie,Which though it on a lowly stalke doe bowre,Yet brancheth forth in braue nobilitie,And spreds it selfe through all ciuilitie:Of which though present age doe plenteous seeme,Yet being matcht with plaine Antiquitie,Ye will them all but fayned showes esteeme,Which carry colours faire, that feeble eies misdeeme.